2020 delivers yet another horrific blow as Mrs Brown’s Boys recommissioned until 2026

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The year 2020 is completely taking the piss now, with the shocking news emerging that long-running ‘comedy’ Mrs Browns Boys is set to continue on our screens for at least another six years.

With 2020 already providing enough pain and anguish to last a lifetime for millions of people across the world, the final straw appears to have come today with the announcement from the BBC of a further six full years of Mrs Brown’s Boys, on prime time tv, including repeats right through to 2026.

A spokesperson for the BBC confirmed earlier “I’m sorry, but you dickheads watch it, in your millions! So what do you expect us to do?

“Look we know this has been a tough year for everyone, and we don’t want to make it worse any more than you do, but the figures just don’t make sense.

“The programme is shite, we know it’s shite, and it’s just not funny one small bit. But lots of people seem to watch it, so there’s nothing we can do.

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“The fact that we are not actually making anything else worth watching, and no one can go out has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with it, she’s going to carry on making more episodes, for another six full years. We’re sorry.”

Pointing out that the actor playing Mrs Brown was in fact a man, we were told, “What? Really! Ha ha! That’s hilarious!”