Thursday 3 December 2020 by Mark Molloy

‘I’m not letting a vaccine alter my DNA’ insists 3rd generation criminal with family history of depression and coronary heart disease

Man not taking vaccine

A man, with a longstanding family history of depression and heart disease, has revealed today that he will not allow some vaccine into his body that might alter his DNA.

Career criminal Simon Williams, who’s dad taught him everything he knows, and who’s brothers are all in prison told us “No Way! Have you not heard? IT ALTERS YOUR DNA!

“I’m not letting that shite into my body to change my DNA, no thanks mate, I’m quite happy with all the DNA I have already thank you very much.

“Everyone is telling us to take this dangerous vaccine, to stop us getting ill, but no-one is talking about what it actually does to you, and how it’s going to control us and make all our DNA…. you know change or something.

“Well I have done my research, on Facebook and Youtube, for over half an hour, and I won’t be touching the thing.

“I’m an unhealthy criminal who is largely depressed, with a history of addiction and illness and I come from a family of ‘wrong uns’ who have a longstanding history of heart problems and a life-expectancy well-below the national average, and that’s how I’d like to keep it thank you.”

Asked if he actually knows what DNA is we were told, “No.”

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