Joe Biden to get double electoral votes from Georgia after winning the state for the second time

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President-elect Joe Biden has received a timely boost in his bid to secure a concession for Donald Trump, after the state of Georgia decided to give him a further 16 electoral college votes following his win in their statewide recount.

Biden, who was leading 306 to 232 before the recount, now has a massive 90 vote lead over Trump, who continues to pretend he can win to trick gullible supporters into paying off his campaign debts.

A spokesperson for the incoming Biden administration told reporters, “We are delighted to hear the recount has confirmed Joe Biden’s rightful win in Georgia, and even more so now they’ve decided to give us double the electoral votes.

“Honestly, this who things just gets better and better. The Trump campaign keeps throwing money at recounts only to find out we’ve still won, so we get to win twice over – and now we’re just getting further and further ahead in the electoral college.”

Political analyst Chuck Williams said the Trump campaign is doing a wonderful job, but only of whipping up his base, given they’ve been defeated in every substantial legal claim they’ve brought to date.

He went on, “It’s over, and he should concede, clearly.

“I’d say Trump should probably recognise a losing hand when he has one, but then again, he did bankrupt more than one casino, so it’s pretty likely he wouldn’t know a losing hand if it was thrown at him by a federal judge. Which seems to be happening quite a lot right now.”

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