Eric Morecambe greets Des O’Connor with “This is heaven, are you lost?”

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Des O’Connor has been greeted in heaven by an old friend.

The entertainer has died at the age of 88, leaving behind an amazing body of work in television and music as well as a legendary, friendly rivalry with Morecambe and Wise.

“He’s coming is he? Are the snipers ready?” joked Eric Morecambe, waiting at the Pearly Gates for his old friend.

“I heard that,” beamed O’Connor, marching up to his old friend, slapping him on the shoulders and then his cheeks, “I would say it’s nice to see you here, Eric, but it does mean I’ve lost a bet.”

“Well you should be used to losing money after refunding all of those concert audiences,” retorted Morecambe, doing his utmost not to laugh.

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Stifling his own giggle, O’Connor replied, “I refunded one of YOUR audiences once. That’s two pounds forty I’ll never see again.”

Finally out of retorts, the two legends burst out laughing and embraced.

Throwing an arm around his old friend, Eric Morecambe said, “Come on, Ern’s got the kettle on.”

“Oh that’ll suit him…he ditched the toupee then?” joked O’Connor.

“Well he couldn’t bring it with him, it counts as livestock,” said Morecambe, and the two men roared with laughter as they walked into the light together.