Chant of ‘Fight, fight, fight’ heard from within Number 10

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Amid rumours of rising tensions in Boris Johnson’s team, it has been reported that a chant of ‘fight, fight, fight’ was heard from within Number 10 along with the sounds of some sort of scuffle.

Shortly afterwards Lee Cain, a leading adviser to Boris Johnson, announced his resignation.

“I was just packing up the camera,” said journalist Simon Williams who was outside Number 10 when the events took place.

“I heard someone shout ‘twat’ and then someone else shout ‘tosser.’ It was pretty clear that there were some hot tempers in Number 10.

“About a minute later, I heard a man shout ‘you stay out of it, you posh cow’ and then there was just this general shouting that sort of coalesced into a chant of ‘fight, fight, fight’.

“This went on for a minute or so and you could hear some grunting and the occasional cry of ‘bastard’ and ‘fat shit’.

“It finally stopped when a female voice screamed – ‘Leave it Lee, he’s not worth it. Just leave it’.

“Then everything fell quiet and I’ve since heard that Lee Cain had resigned. I’ve no idea if there was any connection or anything.”

It is understood that Dominic Cummings will not be resigning in support of his colleague Mr Cain, but he has issued a warning that ‘this ain’t over, and if anyone wants to start something then you know where I am. Twats.’

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