Monday 9 November 2020

Grifter to keep pretending ‘election was stolen’ until gullible supporters pay off all of his campaign debts

Donald Trump grifting supporters

After it was revealed that at least half of all donations for Donald Trump’s legal challenges to the election result are being used to pay off his election debts, the campaign has admitted they will consider conceding just as soon as Trump is no longer liable for any campaign debts.

As the Trump campaign continues to email supporters every hour, on the hour, demanding they donate to keep alive Trump’s dreams of overturning the election in the courts, insiders have revealed they are still a few million away from their target.

“Biden’s campaign outspent us by a LOT,” we were told.

“So we borrowed a lot to keep up – but that now needs paying for, and people don’t donate to a campaign that has already lost, so we’re telling people we need money for the legal fight, and then in the very fine print, right at the bottom, we make it clear we’re taking fifty cents in the dollar to pay off all that debt.

“Nothing about this should be surprising to you.  Donald Trump has made a career in separating idiots from their money, and this latest trick is no different.

“Look, Donald would love nothing more than to step back and play golf full time – but why would he do that when he can spend a couple of weeks whipping up simpletons and bag himself an extra couple of million?

“He’s not an idiot, he doesn’t want to leave office carrying millions in campaign debt – he simply doesn’t have that sort of money available.

“So, if the Trump supporters could just dig a little deeper, pay off all of his debts, then he can concede and everyone can move on.”

While you’re here, why not treat yourself to a delicious cup of MAGA tears!

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