First busload of Melania doubles spotted leaving White House

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As reports grow that Donald Trump may concede the election, speculation has been increased by the first busload of Melania doubles being spotted leaving the White House.

The bus, seating 62 lookalikes of the first lady, was spotted leaving by a side gate at 09:17 EST this morning – with reports indicating that the remaining 206 would follow shortly.

“It will, of course, take some time to root out all the Melania lookalikes from the White House,” said National Security advisor Simon-Bob Williams.

“They were strategically placed about the place to make it look like Mr Trump was in a comfortable, loving relationship with a wife who was never far from his side.

“So we’re bound to miss one or two on the first sweep – they’ll be in a cupboard or behind a statue or something and, well, you know how it is.

“On the other hand, it’s helpful that we don’t have to look for the actual First Lady as she’s one person we can be absolutely certain will be nowhere near her husband.”

It is uncertain what will become of the doubles once they’re all found – suggestions include several hundred ‘tell-all’ books might be released, or forming the entire studio audience to speak about their story on a ‘very special’ edition of Oprah.

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