Saturday 24 October 2020 by Lucas Wilde

People claiming to be ‘true British patriots’ oddly determined that a portion of British children should starve

Patriots surprisingly happy to see Brits suffering

A bizarre number of people who count patriotism as one of their personality traits are determined to see a bit of Britain go hungry.

The revelation comes following the government’s decision not to extend free meals for children into the Christmas holidays.

Self-proclaimed “patriots”, from Dave down the pub right through to prominent Conservative MPs, have backed the move.

”I love this country, which is why I want to do my best to kill a little bit of it,” beamed Conservative MP, Simon Williams.

”Look, I have every sympathy with hungry children, but not to the extent I want the government to actually DO anything about it.

“That would show a level of decency that really isn’t on in the Conservative party.”

Member of the public, Hayley Rice, said “True Brit, me.

”Know the words to all four lines of the national anthem and everything.

“And that’s just one of the reasons I support the government in their bid to starve a little bit of the country I love so much.

”It’s ‘God save the Queen’, not ‘God save the poorer children in our society’. Didn’t you know that?”

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