Woman who has spent her entire life insisting the Pope is ‘infallible’ confident he’s wrong about ‘the gays’

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Catholic Sharon Williams, 44, has spent her entire life believing the Pope – God’s representative on Earth – to be entirely infallible, but is confident he has definitely got it wrong about the gays.

After Pope Francis voiced his support for same-sex civil unions while insisting that gays are all God’s children and deserving of a family, Williams turned up her nose and insisted he was definitely wrong about that.

She told us, “Yes, I know what infallible means – but I also know he’s wrong about the gays. They are objectively immoral.  It says so in the Bible. I can’t remember where exactly, but it definitely says precisely that.

“The last thing we need right now is a ‘woke’ Pope. He’ll be letting the altar boys self-identify as kettles next, you mark my words.

“No, I think from now on it would be best for all concerned if the Church limits the Pope’s infallibility to subjects on which I know he agrees with me.

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“That way we’ll all be happy.”