Yorkshire assuming ‘Tier 3’ is some kind of sequel to ‘The Ear 2’

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Yorkshire is bracing for some kind of new film this week, according to reports this afternoon (really? You’re going to stretch this stupid joke out to 200 words are you? Christ. Go on then- ed).

Following government announcements that Tier 3 will be rolled out across Yorkshire, residents were confused but quietly excited to hear that a new film was coming to the region.

“Haven’t been’t cinema since Raiders of t’Lost Ark” said Simon Williams, 42, in that accent soft Southerners always reckon people from Yorkshire possess.

“But I might check out t’ear 3. Hopefully I can keep up with the plot, having somehow missed out on t’ear and t’ear 2.

“I assume it’s some kind of horror film, what with t’title and that. Is Jennifer Hewitt in it? She used to be in ’em back in’t nineties. Right proper sexy she were.”

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Local Conservative MP for Scarborough and Witney, Hayley Rice, who was born in Windsor, said, “er…YES! That’s right, a film, just for Yorkshire.

“The Ear 3. A sequel to acclaimed cult classics, The Ear and The Ear 2. That’s what’s happening here, absolutely.”

(Well you got to 180, well done, and by the time I’m done with this bit it will be 200. You’re welcome- ed)