America to use Donald Trump’s taxes to buy a new Playstation 5

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The income tax paid by billionaire President Donald F Trump will buy the United States a brand new Playstation 5 with several games, a White House spokesman has proudly announced this morning.

The games console, which launches in November, will cost $499 – meaning the federal government will be able to afford several of the exclusive games on release as well.

“We’re hoping to use the remainder of the money to pick up God of War: Ragnarok and the remastered Spiderman game, which ordinary Americans will be able to play on the console if they form an orderly queue,” said spokesman Simon-Bob Williams.

“We’re thinking that if we give every God-fearing, hard-working American worker half an hour each playing, the President’s taxes will have paid for them all to have a go by about the year 19,145.

“Lazy Joe Biden has selfishly never bought anyone a Playstation, but the President has bought one for everyone.”

Polling in the swing state of North Carolina indicates that voters are delighted by the news, and hope that next year the President’s taxes might buy the country a second hand 2008 model Hyundai.