Laurence Fox launches the ‘Get Laurence Fox on the Telly’ party

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Up-and-coming angry red-faced shouty man Laurence Fox last week launched the ‘Get Laurence Fox on Telly’ party, in an attempt to get Laurence Fox on telly a bit more.

He launched his party to a room full of the sort of frothing hate-filled mad old bastards who still think people like Laurence Fox have any relevance in modern society.

“Woke! Cancelling! Culture War! Values!” frothed Fox, to cheers from the crowd.

“It is vitally important that, at this febrile time in our history, I am on telly to say those words a lot. So, back the ‘Get Laurence Fox on Telly’ party now by giving me an awful lot of money.

“Also, always remember – will-of-the-people, elites, World War II, culture wars, identity politics and all that other stuff that seems to work on people like you.”

Mr Fox went on to explain that, whilst the ‘Get Laurence Fox on Telly’ party will be a largely single policy party dedicated to getting Laurence Fox on telly, it would also press for other issues important to him.

“My new party will also push for more angry shouting in modern life, bringing back pounds and ounces even though they haven’t really gone away, and more racism.”

It is expected that the ‘Get Laurence Fox on Telly’ party could prove quite successful because, for reasons best known to itself, Britain seems to enjoy angry red-faced shouty men going on telly and shouting angrily.

I am the liberal establishment elite (apparently) – get the T-shirt here!