Man who thinks Boris lies about everything also convinced he’s telling the truth about going for ‘no-deal’ Brexit

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Twitter political expert Simon Williams has told his followers that Boris is serious about going for a no-deal Brexit, despite spending the last five years saying he lies about everything, it has emerged.

Williams, whose Twitter Bio reads BORIS LIES, was responding to the news yesterday that Johnson is considering walking away from the EU negotiations – reports which he believed instantly and completely.

Williams and fellow Twitter experts like Ian Dunt and George Monbiot immediately took to social media to tell their millions of followers that the Prime Minister was telling the truth in every regard on this particular issue.

“Whilst you can’t believe Boris on Russia, the paternity of his children, the EU, Covid-19, economics, border checks, whether there’ll be any more u-turns this week, or indeed anything else, he’s is clearly telling the absolute God’s-own-truth about going for a no-deal Brexit,” Williams told us.

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned about Boris, it’s that he lies about everything, except when it might be convenient to my argument, in which case he’s definitely telling the truth.

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“There is no possible way that all this talk of no-deal Brexit is nothing more than a ruse to secure a more favourable negotiating position with the EU.  It’s simply not possible because that would be something you would expect from a politician whose career is filled with examples of deceitful behaviour.

“And if Boris has taught us anything, it’s that he’s always upfront about his plans and never, ever, misleads people in order to gain an advantage.


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