New Liberal Democrat leader wondering if he missed anything important

author avatar by 4 years ago

After a five-month election campaign, the Liberal Democrats have announced Sir Ed Davey as their party leader this morning and expressed relief there has been nothing more important going on.

The search for a new leader, which formally began back in February, has taken the full attention of the party – so senior figures have not really had time to keep track of other events, not that they expect anything serious will have happened while their focus has been elsewhere.

“It was important that we ensured every member of the party had their say on the process and we also tried to convene focus groups from the wider public – but nobody showed up to those for some reason,” new leader Davey told us.

“But now we’re ready as a party to take the fight to Labour and the Conservatives with our hard-hitting brand of social democracy and voter engagement.

“So, did we miss anything?”

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