Sunday 9 August 2020 by Gary Stanton

Latest polls show fifty-two percent of Britons will refuse to take Coronavirus vaccine

52% of Brits won't get the Coronavirus vaccine

A slim majority of Britons are set to refuse any forthcoming vaccine for the Coronavirus because apparently you can’t trust experts these days, it has emerged.

Approximately 52 per cent of UK residents believe that a vaccine will make them autistic, blind, impotent, prone to sudden fits of rage and supportive of closer European integration – despite the evidence showing that being immunised could save their life, or the life of someone close to them.

The study found a significant proportion of voters were less concerned about the impact of Covid-19, but massively concerned about the impact of foreign children in dinghies begging off the Kent coastline.

Vaccine refusal is also highly correlated with people who won’t wear masks in Tesco and get their news from David Icke’s Facebook page.

Professor Simon Williams of London’s Policy Institute, said, “At 52 per cent, the non-consumption of any potentially life-saving vaccine is clearly the will of the people.

“Misperceptions about vaccines are among our most damaging incorrect beliefs, examples of which include that the Earth is non-spherical, that the drinking of bleach will hasten Covid-19 recovery, or that Jools Holland’s Hootenanny is filmed on New Year’s Eve.“

“It is a universally recognised scientific fact that the Hootenanny is filmed in October and that Vic Reeves gets his invite in mid-to-late August.

“We clearly have a job on our hands.”

He added, “The best way to reach these idiots is by making claims about the effectiveness of the vaccine on the side of a big red bus.”

“Put a mask on your face, you big disgrace, spreading your germs all over the place” – get the T-shirt!

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