Karen actually quite enjoying her newfound reputation for not taking any shit

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Karen Williams has spoken out today about how she’s actually kind of enjoying her newfound reputation for not taking any shit from those around her.

As the name ‘Karen’ becomes synonymous with those who make demands way in excess of what would be considered ‘reasonable’, Mrs Williams insisted bearing the name Karen has made things more than a little easier for her when out in public.

“People certainly appear less likely to piss me off,” she told us.

“Sure, ‘Karen’ is becoming a pejorative term, but being a Karen is also incredibly empowering.  If I’m unhappy at the less than perfect service I’ve received, I won’t do the British thing about pretending everything is ‘fine’, I’ll bloody well let them know! Hell, if you’re a Karen, they were expecting you to call them out on that shit.

“Until I embraced my inner Karen, I would never have dreamed of complaining in public, but not any more.

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“I think I’ve actually developed a taste for it. I’m now hyper-alert while out and about looking for things upon which I can unleash my inner Karen.  I usually lead with ‘my name is Karen…’ – that usually focusses their attention.

Karen’s husband Simon told us, “This is what a self-fulfilling prophecy looks like.

“We’ve created a monster. Thanks for that.”