Wednesday 29 July 2020 by Arabin Patson

Republicans shocked after Trump retweets anti-masker reptilian-conspiracy-spouting nutjob, but only because she’s black

Trump retweets conspiracy doctor

The GOP struggled to explain why Donald Trump chose to retweet the video of Stella Immanuel, a delusional Cameroonian-born woman who claims demon sperm causes endometriosis when he could have easily promoted any number of white psychotic mouthbreathers.

Brock Williams, the GOP media strategist, assured Trump loyalists that giving lucrative social media prominence to a minority woman was clearly a stress-induced gaffe and that the Republican party was still deeply committed to empowering white male lunatics.

He went on, “You have to understand how much strain he is under, what with the tell-all books, having to take tests designed for dementia patients and people harassing him about the tens of thousands of dead Americans.

“So he lets a few things slip and he forgot to check the ethnicity of the insane woman who believes alien DNA is hidden in our medicines when he wanted to use her ramblings to prove his point on hydroxy.”

Mr Williams did highlight that, although it was a regrettable mistake, perhaps the GOP could use the incident to become more inclusive of non-white attention-seeking imbeciles.

“I know a lot of people will see this as heresy, but I think we need to extend the hand of friendship to minority Americans who share our core values of unbridled selfishness, tribal paranoia, unwarranted entitlement and downright malevolence.

“We too can embrace the vision of Martin Luther King and build a world where black and white people are judged not by the colour of their skin, but by how many firearms they possess and if they believe global warming is a communist plot to make Christians gay.

“But no Mexicans!”

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