Donald Trump reaffirms his hatred of all paedophiles he isn’t personally friends with

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Jeffrey Epstein friend and current US President Donald Trump has spoken out about his opposition to the “evils” of paedophilia and sex trafficking, confirming this morning that he hates every single paedophile he hasn’t personally been friends with since the 90s.

In a press conference this morning, the embattled US President was asked to comment on the recent arrest of Epstein-conspirator and old mate, Ghislaine Maxwell.

While Trump stated that he “wished her well”, he later clarified that he is against sex trafficking of any kind that doesn’t put money in the pocket of people he’s associated with for 30 years.

“When I said I wish her well before,” explained Trump to the press, “I didn’t mean it from a ‘shes a sex trafficker’ perspective. Don’t twist my words. I just meant that she’s a good friend of mine and I personally endorse everything she’s ever done.

“I wanna make it very clear – I am against paedophilia and sex trafficking of any kind. Especially since my friends aren’t allowed to do it any more, it’s unfair and frankly, disgusting.”

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The President also used the opportunity to remind America that his administration had made record-breaking inroads into the illegal child sex crime industry.

“Let’s all remember one thing – under my leadership, there have never been fewer close personal friends of mine running underground paedophile rings.

“If that’s not progress, I don’t know what is.”