Donald Trump warns his handling of US pandemic will ‘get worse before it gets better’

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President Donald Trump has warned today that his dismal and somewhat erratic handling of the current pandemic in the US is likely to get worse before it gets better, at least until November anyway.

Speaking at the first White House coronavirus briefing he has been allowed anywhere near since telling Americans to inject themselves with bleach in April, the President warned that there was still a considerable amount of incompetent leadership to expect from him before things finally started to improve, when he’s gone.

“Unfortunately, in terms of my handling of this pandemic, things are going to get worse before they get better.

“This deadly virus is still on the increase, and is a very serious threat to millions of Americans, so I need to focus on the most important thing in the world right now, which is my election in November, which I currently look like losing, so things are going to get messy.

“It turns out locking down random states for a few days before urging people back to work whilst telling people not to bother wearing masks hasn’t actually got rid of the virus yet, which is annoying as it’s losing me votes.

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“And no one even listened to my bleach idea, and that was a great idea, so now I need to get back out there, start pretending I care, and come up with some more crazy ideas to try to kill this China virus once and for all – with guns or something, guns are always good.

“That’s why from today, I am urging all Americans to start wearing face masks in public, apart from me of course, because they look a bit silly.”

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