Man who was furious about unelected European bureaucrats trying to run Britain curiously fine with unelected Russian ones doing it

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A man has today said he has no interest in anyone investigating further if Russia influenced the EU referendum, insisting that unelected bureaucrats trying to run Britain is OK as long as they agree with him.

Derek Williams, 58, was a staunch critic of the EU, and a big believer in stopping unelected officials from other countries having any influence whatsoever on how our sovereign nation is run – a view that has changed somewhat following the publication of the Russia report by the Intelligence and Security Committee.

After members of the committee called for a formal investigation into how unelected Russian officials tried to determine how our country was run, Williams insisted this was ‘different’.

He went on, “When those faceless Eurocrats were telling us what to do, it was to our face, bold as brass.  At least the Russians have the good manners to try and subvert our democracy from the shadows.

“And so what if they did? If the influence of unelected Russians helped move this country away from the influence of unelected Europeans, then all the better as far as I’m concerned.

“It’s the same with all the unelected officials trying to run the country – I’ll decide whether it’s undemocratic or not just as soon as I’ve decided whether their aims are the same as mine, or not.”

A spokesperson for the Russian government refused to comment on the position Mr Williams has taken regarding their influence in the UK, choosing instead to merely lean back in their chair for a good long chuckle to themselves.

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