Eloquent anti-maskers make completely valid analogy between Kristallnacht and being asked to cover their mouths in Tescos

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Reasonable people on a number of social networks have circulated several poignant and measured arguments highlighting the ways in which initiatives asking them to wear a mask were eerily similar to Nazi legislation early stages of the Holocaust.

Simone Williams, a furloughed administrator in Kettering, was one of many who thought that comparing public hygiene measures to the mass murder of millions was totally appropriate and in no way distasteful.

She explained, “I used to be convinced that wearing a mask for a select number of social interactions was just a simple and unburdensome civic duty.

“But now I read those brilliant and coherent posts about how this is the beginning of the extermination of a people because Hitler liked uniforms, I too will now go to Morrisons and shriek for half an hour because a security guard asked me to put a mask on while I shop.

“No, I’m not being sarcastic, I think that overgrown children using the worst atrocities in history to justify their selfishness is brilliant.”

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Amateur scribes were not the only ones turning their penmanship skills to comparing homicidal cruelty on an industrial scale and having a small cloth square touching your lips for 20 minutes.

Times columnist Camilla Long also wrote a witty segment labelling as Nazis the service workers on minimum wage who apply their employer’s policy on customers wearing masks.

As a result, the Times features editor was inundated with emails from Holocaust historians saying they were totally fine with that language and that Ms Long was certainly not ‘an utterly vapid cunt who compared seeing your family murdered by a fascist dictator to a request to consider others for a few minutes’.

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