Thursday 9 July 2020 by Lucas Wilde

Dads nationwide to squeeze every last drop out of Rishi Sunak’s meal deal

Dad excited by eat out deals

Everybody’s dad has got the calculator out in anticipation of getting a cracking deal at a restaurant.

The excitement comes as chancellor Rishi Sunak announced that diners would be getting half off their restaurant meals if they dined between Monday and Wednesday, up to a value of ten pounds a head.

“Granted, that limits us strictly to mid/low-tier restaurants,” said Simon Williams, father of two, hammering away on a Casio calculator.

“But I know for a FACT you can get a calzone, a starter and a dessert at Pizza Express for twenty quid – as long as you avoid anything fancy for the starter, like scallops.

“And there’s some kind of brownie thing that pushes it over the edge for dessert, so avoid that and you’re golden.

“The fact that we all hate it there is irrelevant, a deal’s a deal.”

Simon’s wife said, “I have a name of my own but never mind that, eh?

“Anyway, the minute this scheme got announced, I knew what was coming. He’s not been this excited since he learned about Groupon.

“I keep telling him that going to a restaurant we would never have normally gone to in order to get a slightly less expensive meal that we would never usually choose to eat is the very definition of a false economy, but you try telling him.”

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