Rylan-fronted Family Fortunes reboot the only thing that can save 2020

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Only Rylan can save us, according to reports this afternoon.

With 2020 being an absolute write-off up until this point, the only thing that can save us is the reintroduction of a beloved, light-hearted quiz show hosted by the intensely likeable tv host.

“Please,” begged citizen, Simon Williams, tears in his eyes.

“This is our last hope for joy this year. I implore ITV, bring back Family Fortunes, put Rylan Clark-Neal in his rightful place as the genial host and let’s pull ourselves out of this funk.

“It’s perfect, and you know it. Imagine his adorable reactions when someone says something stupid or vaguely rude. It would light the lamp of hope that has laid extinguished within us all since February.”

ITV commissioner, Hayley Rice, said, “Obviously we’re working on it. It would be utterly stupid if we weren’t.

“We’ve nearly finished building the set. Rylan’s suit is pressed. The families have been chosen.

“Please, Great Britain, jut hang on a little longer. Rylan is coming.”