Benevolent Facebook algorithm bestows bounteous reach upon humble satirical news article

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NewsThump needs your help

Benevolent social media giant Facebook has today granted bountiful reach to an article by a semi-popular satirical news outlet.

NewsThump, a some-time purveyor of moderately amusing topical nonsense, has seen its article defy the new restrictive reach applied to publishers on Facebook to reach and engage with literally twenty per cent of the people who actually follow it.

NewsThump spokesperson Simon Williams told us, “Facebook keeps changing the algorithm for their news feed, so that fewer and fewer of the people who like us, actually get to see the things we’ve written.

“So we are obviously delighted that the altruistic powers that be at Facebook have seen fit to graces us with reach sufficient to put this in front of your eyeballs.  Being seen by just one in five of the people who said they like our articles is truly a miracle for the modern age.

“We are almost certainly not worthy, but we are also grateful for any scraps we are served from the top table that is Facebook.

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“Should the lords of social media reach wish to look fondly down in our direction once again, we would be forever in their debt.”

If you would like to see more of NewsThump on Facebook, simply visit the NewsThump Facebook page on your device, and click ‘see first’ under ‘following’.  Hopefully, you’ll never miss another joke from us again!