Friday 3 July 2020 by Mark Molloy

‘I can’t wait for a proper drink tomorrow’ says man polishing off six cans a night since March

man drinking beer on the sofa

A man who has been drinking an average of six cans of lager a night, and eight at weekends, since the end of March has revealed today that he cannot wait until tomorrow when he can finally go out for a good drink.

As pubs finally reopen across the country tomorrow morning at 6am, millions of people desperate to go out and have a ‘proper’ drink will be flocking to their local pub to sit on a small table with their friend away from anyone else, drinking pretty much what they have been drinking at home, but for eight times the cost.

Simon Williams, a 38-year-old plumber from Leeds explains “I can’t wait, I really can’t. It seems like a lifetime ago when I last got to have a good drink.

“I mean obviously I have had a drink at home almost every night since lockdown started, and I’ve probably drunk more in the last three months than I have ever done in my entire adult life, but you know, I just miss a good drink.

“I think I might start off with a nice cool Stella in a proper pint glass, just like I have been doing at home , and then maybe even have a few bottles of Bud, or even Kronenbourg because that’s what I’ve been having every day during the midweek, to mix it up a bit.

“Then it’ll be time to finish off with a vodka chaser and wait for the hangover, just like every other day for the last three months. God I’ve missed this.”

Asked what time he’s booked in to his local, he told us, “You have to book?! Fuck sake!”

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