Thursday 2 July 2020 by Neil Tollfree

Public demand clarification on whether times unprecedented or unparalleled

man confused

There are growing demands for the authorities to clarify whether the times we are living in are unprecedented or unparalleled.

Since coronavirus made its appearance earlier in the year commentators have been split over exactly the nature of the times we are living through.

“It’s just really confusing,” explained Simon Williams, a furloughed monkey milliner from Chelmsford, Essex.

“You turn on the TV and there’s a scientist going on about how times are unprecedented, but then I was reading the paper, and it was an interview with a doctor who was saying that we’re living through unparalleled times.

“I mean, make up your mind. If I’m living through unparalleled times then that’s fine. I can make all the necessary changes to my life to make sure that I can get through the unparalleled times.

“But then someone else is telling me that it’s unprecedented, then that’s a different thing altogether. I mean which is it, or is it both?

“I mean, if it’s both then that’s the nightmare scenario, really. If I’m living through both unprecedented and unparalleled times then I’m going to need to redo the Ocado delivery.”

The Government attempted to provide certainty on this issue last month by putting together a committee to finalise whether the times we are living through are unprecedented or unparalleled.

They concluded that the times we are living through are extraordinary.

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