EXCLUSIVE! First pictures of Donald Trump in his ‘Lone Ranger’ style protective mask

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President of the United States Donald Trump has finally admitted he wears a face mask to protect himself and others from Coronavirus, though questions have been asked about the Lone Ranger style mask he has chosen.

Trump, who has so far steadfastly refused to wear a mask in public, despite escalating case number across the US, said he wears one at home, and thinks he looks like the television horse-riding hero, the Lone Ranger.

“Sure I wear a mask, it’s the best mask, everyone is saying it,” Trump told reporters last night.

“I look in the mirror and I look like the Lone Ranger. I cut the eye holes out myself because I’m allowed to use sharp implements – well, I am when I’m under the direct supervision of the Secret Service.

“I can do giddy-ups around the Oval Office and pretend I’m riding my horse Silver to the rescue of a Playboy model in distress to who is so grateful for me saving her she’s willing to do anything.

“Anyone who says I don’t wear a protective mask is lying, so I’m happy to share this photo to prove them wrong.”

Reporters went on to ask if the Lone Ranger was something of a role model for the president, given he is considered by many to be a masked vigilante operating outside the law, just like the protesters he’s criticised recently.

Trump went on, “He did a lot of great things, really great things. We can learn a lot from the Lone Ranger, he was a big Trump fan. The biggest. Look at the colour of his horse. Just beautiful.

“I like a lot of things about the Lone Ranger, but not his fondness for that Mexican-looking fellow who appears to have come across the border to work for him, probably illegally.

“He should send him back over the wall.”

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