Man breaks personal best by only logging in to amend his online supermarket order 92 times

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An incredibly organised man has broken his personal after logging back in to change his online grocery shop on a mere ninety-two occasions.

Simon Williams has discovered the joys of click-and-collect shopping.

“I know I’m late to the party, but it’s so convenient!” he said.

“The number of times in the past when I’d do a big weekly shop only to get home and realise I’d just bought loads of mint Aeros and cat litter.

“Now when I forget to buy Marmite, I can just log back in and add it! It’s like living in Blade Runner or something.

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“For example, this week, after completing my order, I looked in the airing cupboard and realised I already had twelve toilet rolls. So I logged back in and removed them. But then I thought, what if there’s a panic and people start stockpiling again? So I logged back in and added them again.

“And then, just when I thought I was finally done, I remembered that I hadn’t bought any fruit or vegetables. So I added an apple and an iceberg lettuce, just so I’d have something nice to go off in the fridge.

“It’s so easy! I really think this will catch on.”

A supermarket spokesman said, “What customers don’t realise is that each time they amend an order, one of our staff members has to run around a store filling up a trolley from scratch.

“That’s literally how it works – if anyone can think of a better way, then please let us know!”