Monday 29 June 2020 by Paul D

Bernie Ecclestone demands Formula One removes black squares from chequered flag

Bernie Ecclestone

Former Formula One chief Bernie Ecclestone has demanded that black squares should be removed from the traditional Formula One chequered flag, insisting it just plays into the hands of black racists.

89-year-old Ecclestone got into trouble this week after claiming that ‘black people are more racist than white people’, but went on to insist the iconic chequered flag be changed because “it doesn’t make sense to have black and white next to each other on the same flag, it gives off all the wrong messages.”

He went on, “I think the black squares should have their own flag and the white squares should have their own flag and at the end of the race the two flags will be waived at the same time. From different sides of the track, obviously.

“As far as racegoers are concerned it’ll make hardly any difference, except only the white flag will be allowed in the VIP tent afterwards.

“I think that’s a sensible solution all round and that’s because I don’t have a problem with racism; I mean I do have a problem with racism, you know what I mean. Hitler, for example, he was like me, he was able to get things done too….”

It was at this point that Bernie Ecclestone’s daughter, or maybe it was his wife, decided to bring our interview to a close.

As he was led out of the room Ecclestone looked back at the reporters before shouting “Short lives matter!” seemingly comparing being a billionaire shortarse to being black.

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