Father obviously unloved due to lack of public Facebook message wishing him Happy Father’s Day

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A man has realised that his wife and children care nothing for him because he wasn’t wished a happy Father’s Day on Facebook.

Simon Williams’ Father’s Day started well enough.

“I was given a mammoth lie-in until eight o’clock followed by my favourite breakfast of chocolate pancakes,” he said.

“My children had both made me really sweet homemade cards and my present was a signed copy of the Manics’ reissued ‘Gold Against the Soul’ – I’m amazed my wife even knew that existed!

“Then we packed up a picnic and went to a local nature reserve for a stroll in the sunshine. I have to say that it was a really lovely way to spend the day.”

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However, Simon’s fatherly bliss turned to dismay when he got home and checked Facebook.

“I scrolled through my newsfeed reading all the Father’s Day messages and it soon became apparent that my wife hadn’t posted anything about what a great father I was.

“No ‘You’re our rock,’ a complete absence of ‘Best father in the world,’ a yawning social media cavern where ‘We’re lucky to have you,’ should have been.

“Without these online platitudes, the real-life displays of love and affection meant nothing! The only reason I posed for so many photos on our picnic was that they could be posted on Facebook alongside some suitably inane hashtags like #fathersdaypicnic #solucky #blessed.

“I just can’t believe that my ‘quality time’ with the children was nothing but a sham that took place for the benefit of literally no one.”