Liverpool fans furious at Tory government for making them support a Manchester United player

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Liverpool fans across Britain have been left once again bitterly disappointed by a Tory Government this week, after the government forced them to agree with and vocally support a Manchester United player.

Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford made headlines this week, after he publicly called for the government to extend the nation’s free school meals scheme for poor and vulnerable children, in a move described by many as “fucking obvious”.

Despite the plea, however, the government has confirmed that the scheme will not be extended. This move has negatively impacted Liverpool FC fans in particular, as they now face a reality where they actually have some modicum of respect for a player who plies his trade with “that lot” on the other side of the M6.

“It’s one of the worst decisions the government could have made,” argued one fan on social media.

“It’s bad enough that they’re abandoning some of the hardest-hit communities in the UK – they’re also making me realise that a Manchester United player isn’t actually a scumbag. It’s unconscionable.

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“Even when Thatcher was in charge and ruining our lives, at least she left us the dignity of blindly hating our rival players. Boris has even taken that from us.”

Other fans were more philosophical in their criticism of the government’s actions on social media, with one fan labelling the entire fiasco an “affront to humanity”.

“There are certain ideals and values we all agree, as a society, must always be upheld,” said one supporter.

“The most vulnerable parts of society must be protected. Kids shouldn’t be going to sleep with no food. And anyone who plays for a club you don’t like should always be considered a shit human being.

“In one move, this government has made a mockery of all three!”