Primark imposes strict spend limit of £1.50 per family as fears grow over panic buying

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Primark has announced strict spending limits of £1.50 per family this morning up to a maximum of 25 items each as they finally open their doors again to the public.

As jubilant shoppers flock back to the store in their thousands today, many have been left shocked and disappointed at new rules limiting the number of cheap poor quality clothing items they can pick up.

Shopper Simon Williams was furious with the decision “It’s a disgrace, I’m not happy.

“I’ve saved up over four quid for this visit and was looking forward to spending the lot all in one go.

“It’s not as if I’m taking the piss. All I wanted was 14 t-shirts, 4 pairs of jeans, 3 work shirts, some new trainers, a pack of five boxer shorts, a hat and a new towel.

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“Now I’ll only be able to get half of that – even though I’m a loyal customer, it’s just not on.”

Store manager Alison Taylor told us she could understand the frustration of their customers, explaining, “We know most of the stuff we sell only lasts two or three washes at the most, so it’s understandable that people need to stock up after lockdown.

“But right now we need to ensure everyone can get fixed up with at least a few new clothes in which to sit around the house, and therefore we need to impose these strict limits.”

Asked how long the measures are likely to be in place, she told us “Just till tomorrow probably, then it’s back to being a fucking free for all.”

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