Outcry as Hobbits tear down Barad-Dur without permission

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The destruction of Barad-Dur, stronghold of the Dark Lord Sauron, without consultation with the owner has led to a debate on how best to commemorate the achievements of the Orcs.

Barad-Dur, which has stood since the Second Age, was regarded as a local landmark and many residents of Mordor had an affection for the tower but ‘were ignorant of its history of conflict with the last alliance of men and elves’.

A campaign to erect a plaque on the dark tower to place Sauron’s actions in historical context had faced resistance from black riders upon fell beasts, meaning protesters felt they had ‘no choice’ but to cast the ring of power into Mount Doom and reduce the tower to a heap of rubble upon the plains of Gorgoroth.

Opponents of the move highlighted the achievements of Sauron in providing employment for legions of Orcs and goblins, and setting up great mills and factories, with Grima Wormtongue accusing the Hobbits of ‘trying to erase history’.

“The Black Tower was a constant visual reminder of the great darkness which once spread across all the lands of Middle-Earth,” said campaigner Samwise Gamgee.

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“Sauron liked to present himself as fair, and giving wise council in arts and magic, but he was actually foul and a lot of people are ignorant of his history of oppression in places like Eregion and Dagorlad.

“We are going to pull down Minas Tirith and the towers of Lindon next. Those symbols of Numenorean and Elvish colonisation have to go.”