Gammons suddenly offended by 2004’s ‘White Chicks’ for some mysterious, what-abouty reason

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Some gammons have suddenly decided a film is racist towards them, sixteen years after its release, despite previously enjoying it to the extent that they owned a DVD copy of it.

In the wake of shows like Little Britain being pulled from Netflix, your racist Uncle and all of his mates immediately shared a photo of the comedy classic, “White Chicks”, suggesting that if Little Britain is offensive to black people then “White Chicks” is offensive to them.

“…which isn’t usually how ‘offense’ works,” confirmed psychologist, Hayley Rice.

“Offense isn’t usually part of a game of one-upmanship, it’s an instinctive reaction to something that you find independently and immediately unacceptable. A comparison to another tv show, such as Little Britain, usually isn’t necessary.

“For what it’s worth, I did find White Chicks offensive, not because I felt it was racist towards me, but because it was a thoroughly shit film.”

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Gammon, Simon Williams, commented, “WHIIIIITE CHIIIIICKS!

“It’s offensive now, and it was offensive sixteen years ago when I went to the cinema to see it four times with my mates and was telling anyone who’d listen that Marlon Wayans was the new Bill Cosby.

“It was also offensive when I bought it on DVD, and later on Blu-Ray, and then again for the 15-year anniversary steelbook.

“If Little Britain has to go, then so does White Chicks. Because whiteface is definitely comparable to blackface in terms of scale, historical significance and contribution to an existing problem of racial prejudice.


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