Man who can’t get together with extended family in his own garden having big family reunion at Thorpe Park instead

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A man who hasn’t been able to see more than three members of his extended family in his garden for almost three months, is delighted to hear than they can all get together at Thorpe Park from the end of the month.

Simon Williams, 42, has not seen his sister and her family, his brother and his family, or his wife’s family, or either of their parents in months, but that is about to change thanks to the government easing restrictions on theme parks.

“We tried the whole ‘six people in the garden together’ thing, but it’s difficult, we’re four people in this house already, so my brother can come with his wife, but he’d have to leave his kids at home, same for my sister, or any of the wife’s family.

“Some of the kids are a pain in the arse, so it could be a blessing, but some parents just aren’t comfortable leaving young children at home while they go for a family visit in someone’s garden.

Williams went on to explain the issues facing his family.

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“Our family barbecues have become a bit of a ‘thing’ for us over the years, and we regularly saw 15-20 of us all together in the garden enjoying each other’s company.  But not any more.

“Fortunately we will all be able to get together again in a couple of weeks, just rather than in the garden, we can do it in the queue for the Nemesis Inferno.

“My 69-year-old mother isn’t a particularly big fan of roller coasters, but given it’s a chance for her to see all of her grandchildren together at the same time, she’s perfectly willing to queue with them for two hours, even if it means shitting herself silly for ninety seconds.”

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