BBC pulls Nigel Farage’s Question Time appearances from iPlayer for ‘unacceptable historic offensive content’

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Almost the entire Question Time archive has been taken down from iPlayer due to Nigel Farage’s constant barrage of historically offensive content.

With Little Britain and Come Fly With Me – programmes whose content has become questionable ever since the country entirely lost its sense of irony in a horrific social media accident – being removed from iPlayer and Netflix, the corporation is doing the right thing in removing every little bit of nonsense protruding from the former-former-former leader of UKIP.

Executive Producer Simon Williams, said, “‘We realise that the continual barrage of effluence falling from Mr Farage’s mouth was apparently very much acceptable in the historic times of right up until last week.

“However, in retrospect, we don’t want a large crowd of anti-racism protesters turning up outside, putting a rope around the iPlayer server and dragging it all the way over to the Thames.

“If they dump it in the water there, there is a pretty large chance that the hard drives will become almost as full of shit as Mr Farage’s episodes of Question Time themselves.

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“We just think that, given the new environment in which shitty things people did or said in the past now have consequences, one of those consequences should be far less Nigel Farage available on the Internet.

“And the BBC can go some small way to making that happen, then so be it. It’ll be the licence fee well-spent.”

Mr Farage was thankfully unavailable for comment, due to the new policy. It didn’t stop him talking though.