‘Surely those 38,000 people have to take some share of the blame for the death figures’ explains Matt Hancock

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Health Secretary Matt Hancock has spoken about the latest figures of confirmed deaths from Coronavirus in the country, and responded to accusations that Government incompetence is to blame for one of the world’s highest death rates.

“I think that 38,000 people dying is a tragedy,” he said, reasonably convincingly

“But I do think they have to take some responsibility for their own deaths. After all, they contracted Covid, didn’t they? If they hadn’t caught coronavirus then they wouldn’t have died.

“The Government didn’t go and kill them, did it? They got coronavirus, they died of coronavirus. The Government didn’t give them coronavirus.

“In fact, and I don’t want to appear harsh here, but we did say – ‘don’t get coronavirus’ – I mean, it’s been a central message for the past two or three months.

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“If they want to ignore that message and get coronavirus then, well, there’s only so much we can really do, isn’t there?

“So yes, terrible tragedy. All that. But let’s be clear that it’s definitely not the government’s fault at all. On any level.”

Mr Hancock also refused to take responsibility for a delay in introducing the lockdown, which many consider to be the main reason UK figures are so high.

“Well, we didn’t say ‘don’t lockdown’ did we? If everyone had taken a bit of responsibility back in early March and locked themselves down instead of waiting for us to tell them to, we might have had fewer coronavirus cases.

“Honestly. If anything, it should be the Government criticising the people here.”

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