Elon Musk chooses worst possible moment to come out as a Flat-Earther

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Entrepreneur and apparently needy, attention-seeking billionaire Elon Musk took to Twitter to announce his belief the Earth was flat last night, literally twenty minutes after launching a spaceship off it.

Scientists have long used space flight as just one piece of the overwhelming proof that the Earth isn’t flat, but Musk, who has spent much of the last decade in complex calculations about orbital dynamics and Newtonian physics, appeared to dismiss all that work as nonsense as he announced his Dragon spacecraft had been successfully dropped off the edge and landed on the International Space Station.

“Bullseye!” he tweeted after the craft docked with the ISS. “Like a pea rolling off a plate and onto the floor.

“A new dawn in space flight, and far cheaper than NASA – now we can just throw stuff off the side of the world and be reasonably confident of hitting the Moon, Mars, wherever you want to go.”

When challenged, Elon clarified that he didn’t think Mars or the Moon were also flat as that would be ‘stupid’.

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Reaction to the announcement was muted, with most observers simply commenting ‘Jesus, there he goes again’.

However, insiders at SpaceX suggested that Musk might not believe what he said, and instead may just be tripping his tits off after not sleeping for a week as usual.

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