Woman disappointed to be recalled from furlough just as she discovers her favourite breakfast wine

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A Basingstoke woman has expressed her disappointment at being recalled from furlough just as she has discovered her favourite breakfast wine.

Simone Williams, 35, works for a widget manufacturer, and after the company restructured its processes to adhere to social distancing, she is one of the lucky furloughed employees being recalled back to work from next week.

Upon hearing the news she told us, “Part of me is glad that I’ll have a decent reason to leave the house for the first time in seven weeks, but a much bigger part of me is annoyed they are doing this just as I’ve discovered the wonderous effects a cold glass of Sauvignon Blanc can have after your cornflakes.

“I can’t believe I’m going back to work on Tuesday, when I only discovered this tremendous white wine yesterday. Do you know how many wines I’ve tried over the last seven weeks in my attempts to create the perfect morning routine? Well, I don’t actually know, but it’s a lot.

“People will say any ‘old wine will do’ for breakfast, but let me tell you they are wrong. Anything too heavy and you’re unlikely to feel like getting off the sofa, anything too light and you’re prone to spend hours contemplating the futility of existence.

“Finding that happy medium to give me a warm fuzzy feeling capable of numbing me against the horrors of the outside world while also letting me remain lucid enough to follow the plotlines while I binge watch my way through sixteen seasons of Grey’s Anatomy has taken me weeks.

“And here I am, with the perfect choice in my hand, finally, and now they tell me I’m going back to work on Tuesday.

“But don’t worry, my research won’t go to waste – I’ve ordered a couple of cases for when we get to the inevitable second peak.”