If you don’t like obeying our laws then you should get out of our country, Britain First’s Paul Golding told

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Britain First leader Paul Golding has been told that if he doesn’t like the laws of this country then he should go and live somewhere else, after being convicted of a terror offence.

The leader of the far-right group has been found guilty of an offence under section 7 of the Terrorism Act and handed a conditional discharge and £750 fine, prompting many to query if they still hold the firm belief that any person who doesn’t like the laws of this country should ‘leave’.

Police spokesperson and rational human Simon Williams told reporters, “Obviously the conviction today of Paul Golding has not come as much of a surprise. We’ve had our eyes on this annoying fella for quite a while now, and this is not the first time he’s had a brush with the law.

“I don’t want to sound unwelcoming or prejudiced, but I’ve always believed that if you are going to enjoy all the benefits of living in this country then you should be willing to obey the law.

“However – and to quote Britain First themselves – if you are not going to try and get a proper job or contribute to the society in which you live, and instead want to spend your days going around causing trouble, well, you know where the airports are.”

Britain First’s core supporters would probably have been willing to comment on Golding’s latest conviction, but were instead left howling into the void after the group’s Facebook page was removed.

Another small group were approached for comment but were busy ignoring social distancing rules while carrying out a brave ‘Christian’ crusade around a local town, much to the annoyance of the hardworking immigrants just trying to do a decent day’s work.