‘Loss of taste’ added to COVID-19 symptoms as government recommends self-isolation for anyone who recently enjoyed Mrs Brown’s Boys

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The government has added ‘loss of taste’ to the potential symptoms of the coronavirus, and is advising a period of self-isolation for anyone who has recently enjoyed an episode of Mrs Brown’s Boys.

As lockdown measures continue to be eased slightly, the government has been quick to update its official covid-19 advice as new symptoms caused by the virus continue to appear.

A Downing Street spokesperson for the coronavirus task force told us, “The science is telling us that a loss of taste can be caused by the coronavirus, and as such, we would advise anyone who has recently been exposed to, and enjoyed, an episode of Mrs Brown’s Boys, to self-isolate for a period of fourteen days.

“We would ask them only to reintegrate with society if they can watch another episode and find their only reaction is to scratch their heads as to why it is so incredibly popular.”

Some medical experts say the news is cause for optimism in the fight against coronavirus, with one telling us, “Incredibly, millions of people watch and enjoy Mrs Brown’s Boys, so if everyone who likes that show has had COVID-19, even if they were asymptomatic, it will go a long way to helping society achieve herd immunity.

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However, others are remaining cautious, with one doctor explaining, “You can only lose taste if you actually had it in the first place.  If you were enjoying Mrs Brown’s Boys in 2018, then it’s very unlikely you’re enjoying it now due to coronavirus.

“That said, I completely agree that self-isolation is necessary for anyone still wearing crocs.”