Far-right propagandists busy creating videos to be shared by gullible idiots and Nadine Dorries

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Far-right propagandists are currently sat in front of their computers editing videos that they hope will be shared by gullible racists and Nadine Dorries.

After Dorries shared a heavily doctored video of Kier Starmer – put together by far-right anti-muslim campaigners to make it look like the new Labour leader was saying the opposite of what he actually said – those behind the video have expressed both surprise and gratitude to the government minister.

Video editor Simon Williams told us, “My job relies on people being a bit stupid and not questioning things they see on the Internet.

“It’s been a very successful strategy over the last few years, and you would be amazed how many feeble-minded bigots there are with Internet access who won’t question anything, no matter how unbelievable, if we can make something look like it supports their existing prejudices.

“But I’ll be honest, we didn’t expect to hook ourselves a government minister. I mean, it’s nice to see your work being spread by members of parliament – who wouldn’t want that? – but Nadine Dorries isn’t really helping our cause.

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“Everyone knows she’s a bit on the dim side, so her sharing our video of Kier Starmer immediately brought it into question – which we didn’t want.

“We much prefer it when our stuff is shared by your bog-standard racists on Facebook.  The bully you were at school with who now does block-paving, the woman you used to work with who never came for a curry because she doesn’t eat ‘foreign muck’ – those are the people we like.

“Just because Nadine Dorries is a gullible idiot doesn’t make her our ideal mark.”