Woman who brought cakes to weekly team Zoom meeting starting to feel sick

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A woman who thoughtfully brought along a selection of cakes for the weekly office Zoom meeting has announced that, actually, she’s starting to feel a bit sick now.

“It was my birthday, and so I thought that, even though we’re not all in the office together, I could still get the cakes and then people would enjoy seeing the cakes and it would all feel a bit normal for a bit,” explained Eleanor Gay, a computer programmer for Gallop, Smith & Tolhurst Ltd.

The plan proved to be a success and everyone agreed that it was a really nice thought that she had got cakes.

“Wacky Pete even suggested I pop a jammy donut in a jiffy bag and send it to him,” she said.

“He’s so wacky.”

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The problems began when Simon Williams, Ms Gay’s line manager, began to discuss the trending monthly target projections.

“I just sort of zoned out a bit and before I knew what was happening, I was halfway through my second cream horn and five out of the six jam tarts were gone.”

“To be honest, I’m starting to feel a bit sick now.”

Ms Gay decided to take action.

“I’ll pop them all in the fridge and then take them round to the care home for everyone there to enjoy. Although, maybe I’ll just have a slice of Victoria Sponge first.

“Just while Simon’s running something or other up the flagpole.

“Actually, eating myself sick on birthday cakes whilst ignoring whatever Si’s wittering on about? It’s quite nice.

“Just like normal office life.”