Judge Dredd advised to wear respirator at all times in public

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Justice Department has confirmed Judges should wear their respirators at all times during the current outbreak of disease because you know what the common citizens are like, according to reports this morning.

As the spread of Grubbs Disease continued through Mega-City One unabated, Chief Judge Logan reiterated that citizens should stay at least two metres apart to prevent contagion despite knowing from weary experience that they’re just not going to.

Already armed Citi-Def units have been seen on the streets protesting their right to go anywhere and do anything at any time, leading to some Judges pointing out that infected citizens have elevated body temperature and the Lawgiver fires heat-seeking bullets if you want a quick way to identify carriers of the disease.

“We’ve seen this before with Block Mania, 2T(Fru)T and the Chaos Bug,” said Dredd.

“Dumb cits can’t just stay at home and let infection burn itself out.

“No, they’ve got to go out to their kneepad convention or have a Block War and before you know it everyone has got it and the Dark Judges have invaded again.

“Sometimes you’ve got to wonder if Judge Cal was right and this city wouldn’t be better off with no citizens at all.”