Parliament launches Memberhub service where public can watch MPs f*cking the country

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Parliament has today launched the Memberhub website, a new lockdown inspired service where the public can log on and watch MPs brutally fucking the entire country.

The project, which started life as a way for MPs to vote remotely during the ongoing lockdown, has expanded to provide the public with a valuable place to go when they want to watch people doing something really dirty.

Memberhub project manager Simon Williams told us, “We think you’re really going to like it, we’ve covered everything you could ever want, if you happen to like watching MPs fucking things over.

“We retained a look and feel that we think people will be familiar with, but the content is 100% parliament at its filthy best.

“There are all kinds of specialisms and niches. If you happen to be into people aggressively fucking the disabled, then there is an entire video section for you.

“If your particular kink is for removing people’s freedoms and effectively turning them into corporate slaves, then you’ll find plenty of videos that will get you off.

“We’ve even given channels to some of the ‘stars’, so if you want to watch video after video of Jacob Rees-Mogg treating the nation like his willing submissives – as if he’s some Victorian BDSM master – then simply subscribe to his channel and you won’t miss any of it.”

Test user and Tory voter Simon Williams told us, “Like with most of these sites, I was really eager to get on there and have a look at some of the hardcore stuff.

“But Christ, some of the things those MPs do – it made even me feel shameful for watching it all happen.

“God knows how anyone would want a child of theirs going into that industry.”