Unsolicited email fails to begin by asking how you and your family are doing at this difficult time

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An email from a potential supplier has this morning failed to begin with the now customary concern for the well being of yourself and your family during the lockdown.

The email was received by Simon Williams, the marketing manager for a mid-sized IT company in the Thames Valley, and left him somewhat dumbfounded.

Simon Williams told us, “For the last five weeks every single email I’ve received has asked how I was doing and how my family is coping at this difficult time. But not this one.

“I don’t get it, he just went straight into talking about a potential meeting and something he thought might benefit both of us.

“He didn’t ask if the lockdown was affecting me, he didn’t ask if I was coping OK, and he made not a single reference to my family or how they are coping. It’s almost as if the lockdown isn’t even happening.

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“I can only assume he is one of those sociopaths you read about or see in Netflix documentaries. What sort of sub-human delinquent doesn’t care about another human’s feelings at a time like this?

“I wouldn’t dream of sending an email to someone I barely know without saying that I hope the email finds them well in these unusual times.  It’s the very least you can do. The very least.”

“I certainly won’t be meeting this guy any time soon, he’s probably the sort of person who ignores social distancing and goes out for a walk whenever he wants to.

“The total arsehole.”

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