Sleepily confused woman attends Zoom meeting topless but with immaculate, professional trousers on

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A half-asleep and confused woman attended an early-morning Zoom meeting topless but wearing immaculate and professional trousers.

Eleanor Gay is a sales executive at Oakey, Catherall, and Sully Solutions Ltd and the company has been using Zoom as a meeting tool for over a month now.

“I think that, like everyone, I’d got used to going half and half on Zoom,” explained Ms Gay.

“You know, nice top, suit jacket, bit of makeup, and then below the waist some old jeans or, if it’s hot, just my pants.

“Well, this meeting was quite early in the morning, and I hadn’t slept that well the night before because of my boyfriend’s experimental fish finger burritos.

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“So, I guess I must have got confused about which half of me was meant to be all professional and which was relaxed and turned up to the monthly trending sales prediction review meeting with my tits out.”

Ms Gay’s colleagues were a little taken aback.

“I’ll be honest, you don’t expect to see your colleagues half-naked at the monthly trending sales prediction review meeting,” said one, “Though I think it’s fair to say we all pinned her video instead of our boss’.”

“I thought I’d left PornHub open,” said another.

After realising her mistake, Miss Gay slipped on a hoodie and the meeting continued.

Everyone agreed that, whilst the incident was certainly embarrassing, it wasn’t as bad as an early Zoom meeting when their manager excused himself and stood up to reveal his erect penis to everyone in the meeting.

“That was much worse than me,” said Ms Gay

“Although, to be honest, the sales figures we’d been discussing were really impressive.”