Chris Grayling concludes Clap for the NHS by high-fiving all of his neighbours

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A small area of Islington has seen a surge in Coronavirus cases this evening after Chris Grayling took part in Clap for the NHS.

The former Transport Secretary joined neighbours along his pleasant Georgian terrace in hearty applause for heroic nurses and care workers across the country, despite suffering from a fever and persistent dry cough.

Grayling took appropriate steps to distance himself from those nearby throughout the clapping, frequently sneezing into his elbow and keeping two metres away from passers-by.

However, as the emotion of the occasion took hold, the Intelligence and Security chief momentarily forgot himself and asked elderly Mrs Bradshaw at Number 48, a woman with a plethora of underlying health conditions, if he could “have some skin”.

Mrs Bradshaw said, “He’s normally quite reserved so when he asked me to put some skin on it, I could only oblige.

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“We did the high-five, the fist bump, but not before he’d invited the Singh family over for a group hug.”

Meanwhile, experts were quick to note that Mr Grayling’s street now shows up as a giant red dot on the Covid 19 Tracker app.

Grayling added, “I was sure it was hay fever.”