Man attempting to work from home with toddler excited to be learning so many new and interesting ways to trigger a tantrum

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A man working from home while sharing the childcare for his 2-year-old daughter has spoken of his excitement at learning so many new and interesting ways to trigger a toddler tantrum.

Simon Williams, 38, usually works in the accounting department of his publishing agency and is office-based five days a week, whereas his two-year-old daughter Emily is usually at nursery for those same fives days, leading to very little crossover inside the home during the week.

However, with Simon and his wife both continuing to work from home during the lockdown, a childcare rota has seen him spending far more time with his daughter than he’s used to.

He told us, “I’ll be honest, when your normal midweek childcare responsibilities involve spending an hour with them in the morning and about an hour in the evening, you can very quickly be tricked into believing that your child is an absolute angel.

“However, the lockdown has completely rid me of that illusion. Yesterday she had a tantrum because I put butter on her toast, and today she had a tantrum because I didn’t put butter on her toast.  It’s certainly keeping me on my toes.

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“Things that have triggered a tantrum this week, considering we are only on day four of a three-week lockdown, include; attempting to help her put socks on, attempting to help her with any clothing whatsoever, looking at her, not looking at her, not letting her drink an open bottle of wine, asking her to brush her teeth, asking if she’d like to go to bed, failing to mindread her preferred nursery rhyme on YouTube, telling her the poo can’t go back inside her, and having the temerity to actually find her when playing hide and seek.

“I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.”