Superforecaster fails to see the bloody obvious coming

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Superforecaster Andrew Sabisky failed to foresee that he’d be completely monstered for saying fucking stupid things on the Internet, it has emerged.

Sabisky, who sits in the top 2% of forecasters in the Good Judgement Project, apparently did not use his incredible powers of prognostication to work out whether getting a job in politics would result in his political opponents reading through his previous work to see if there was anything they might use against him.

Which is admittedly a difficult thing to predict, given it only happens every day to absolutely everyone who goes anywhere near Westminster.

“There was no way to see this coming,” explained a Downing Street source when asked about Sabisky’s resignation.

“It’s part of the reason we hired him, so we’d have someone around Downing Street who would be able to predict that hiring someone like him would be a bad move and lead to days and days of bad press.

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“Without an Andrew Sabisky, how do we avoid hiring another Andrew Sabisky?”

Political commentator Simon Williams told us, “I’m not saying Sabisky is necessarily ‘dumb’ for not seeing this coming, but I suspect it’s probably time he took another IQ test.

“That said, if this means that the government ends up hiring better advisors overall, then I think we can all agree that the death of one spad career every now and again is probably worth it?”